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We are an online language training academy, as our name suggests, we have IELTS exam preparation courses. After reaching the level of their target score, the volunteers enter the four-skill class or their desired skill and finally celebrate their desired score. Also, the feedback writing and speaking service is one of the services that solves the problems of many people. Our team has gathered from different cities of Iran to give you a professional and effective learning experience, wherever you are in this world. give a gift

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✸ Strong design
✸ high efficiency
✸ Miscellaneous pages
✸ Sensitivity of the template
✸ Sensitivity of the template
✸ Professional contact forms
✸Providing professional mega menus
✸ Send an SMS to book a consultation
✸ Add training courses
✸ Examination of students
✸ Optimizing the format for search engines
✸ Has a professional consultation booking request form
✸ It is possible to convert the student panel to the assistant professor panel
✸ It has a panel to connect consultation reservation times to the Google Admin calendar
✸ Students’ access to training courses based on their level
✸ Providing the opportunity to register and enter the site using social networks