AR Model Viewer App: Explore 3D Models in Virtual Space

Developed by the Fanweb programming team in collaboration with designers, modelers, architects, and AI engineers, the AR Model Viewer app offers a unique experience of visualizing 3D models in virtual space.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Model Viewing:
– Description: Allows users to view various models, including structures, furniture, concepts, and more in 3D.
– Benefits: Facilitates a comprehensive review, analysis, and checking of models in a virtual environment before execution or implementation.
2. Practical Application in Home Furniture Selection:
– Scenario: Ideal for home furniture shopping.
– Benefits: After receiving a furniture model, users can visualize it in their home environment using the app, ensuring confidence in their decision.
3. File Format Support:
– Supported Formats: GLB files and STL.
– Benefits: Offers compatibility with popular file formats, enhancing flexibility in model imports.

How to Learn More:

For additional information about the AR Model Viewer app and to inquire further, feel free to contact the dedicated colleagues of the Fanweb programming unit.
Experience the future of 3D model visualization with the AR Model Viewer app!