Revolutionize Advertising with Personalization: Android and Windows Compatibility

Elevate your advertising experience with the VR software from the Fanweb collection, offering personalized spaces for Android and Windows versions.
Key Features:
1. Personalization Options:
– Versatility: Create customizable exhibition spaces with the ability to change color and light intensity, tailored for your customers.
– Benefits: Provides a unique and branded experience, enhancing customer engagement.
2. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
– Flexibility: Compatible with both Android and Windows versions, ensuring accessibility and seamless functionality.
– Benefits: Allows users to create and manage personalized VR spaces from their preferred devices.
3. Diverse Format Support:
– Compatibility: Supports 3D models in obj, fbx, gltf, and glb formats, facilitating versatility in model usage.
– Benefits: Incorporates a wide range of 3D models, enabling a comprehensive showcase of products.
4. 360-Degree Viewing:
– Functionality: Enables users to zoom and rotate 3D models 360 degrees in the VR space.
– Benefits: Offers a detailed view of models and products from every angle, enhancing the user’s exploration.
5. Metaverse Integration:
– Advancement: All models in GLB format can be run in the Metaverse.
– Benefits: Marks the first step toward entering the Metaverse world, opening up new possibilities for engagement.
6. VR Glasses Testing:
– Experience: Testing can be conducted in the application with VR glasses, providing an immersive and realistic preview.
– Benefits: Ensures compatibility and optimal performance in virtual reality settings.
For Personalized and Branded VR Experiences:
Fanweb’s VR software redefines advertising with personalized and branded VR spaces, creating a dynamic and engaging platform for showcasing products. For further details on customization options, Metaverse integration, and VR testing, connect with the Fanweb development team.
Step into the future of advertising with personalized VR experiences—an immersive journey into the world of possibilities!