Capillary Broadcast Software (Fan Web's Visit Yar ): Simplifying Orders

Capillary Broadcast Software, or Fan Web’s Visit Yar , is a user-friendly tool designed to streamline the registration and transmission of product orders for visitors.
Key Features:
1. Presentative-Friendly Operation:
– Benefit: Simplifies product order registration for an efficient visitor experience.
2. Seamless Integration with Accounting Systems:
– Benefit: Integrates seamlessly with accounting systems like Holoo and Sepidar, eliminating unnecessary changes and costs.
1. Efficient Order Management:
– Benefit: Enhances the efficiency of registering and managing product orders.
2. Compatibility with Holoo and Sepidar Accounting:
– Benefit: Conveniently connects with popular accounting systems, providing ease of use for managers and employers.

Capillary Streaming Software by Fanweb: Enhancing Sales Strategies

Capillary streaming, a point-to-point and place-to-place method of selling products, has become essential in the competitive market. Fanweb’s Capillary Streaming Software offers comprehensive features to facilitate this sales approach.
Key Features:
1. Connectivity to All Accounting Systems:
– Benefit: Connects seamlessly with all broadcast accounting systems, providing versatility for businesses.
2. Simplified Order Process:
– Benefit: Streamlines the order process, making it effortless for suppliers and visitors to place orders.
3. Web System Reporting:
– Benefit: Administrators have access to detailed reports through the web system, offering insights into the capillary streaming process.
1. Versatile Connectivity:
– Benefit: Capable of connecting to a variety of broadcast accounting systems, accommodating different business requirements.
2. Efficiency in Order Placement:
– Benefit: Enhances the efficiency of the order placement process, ensuring quick and effective transactions.
3. Comprehensive Reporting:
– Benefit: Administrators gain access to comprehensive reports, aiding in monitoring and optimizing capillary streaming strategies.
In summary, Fanweb’s Capillary Streaming Software is a robust solution designed to adapt to the dynamic landscape of capillary distribution. With versatile connectivity, streamlined order processes, and detailed reporting, it provides a comprehensive tool for businesses engaged in point-to-point sales strategies.

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Enhanced Capabilities of Fanweb Capillary Broadcast Software:

1. Visitor Location and Order Registration View:
– Capability: Enables viewing all locations where visitors have registered invoices on a map.
– Details: Provides a comprehensive overview by day, month, and year, displaying invoice registration times and amounts.
2. Zoning and Visiting Routes:
– Capability: Empowers visitors to access a list of customers through the visitor application.
– Benefits: Facilitates strategic sales planning by allowing the determination of customer lists and routes on specific weekly or monthly dates. This feature assists in optimizing visitor schedules and appointments.


1. Geographical Insights:
– Benefit: Offers geographical insights into visitor activities, enhancing visibility into the distribution and registration of invoices.
2. Efficient Sales Planning:
– Benefit: Enables strategic planning for sales visits by providing the ability to determine customer lists and routes on specific dates.
3. Optimized Visitor Schedules:
– Benefit: Enhances efficiency by allowing the assignment of visitors to specific routes and customers, streamlining the overall sales process.
In summary, Fanweb’s Capillary Broadcast Software goes beyond order management, offering advanced features such as geographical insights into visitor activities, efficient sales planning, and optimized visitor schedules for enhanced overall business performance.

Order Management and Pricing Flexibility in Fan Web's Presentation Software:

1. Ordering and Sending to Accounting:
– Key Feature: Streamlines the process of receiving and sending orders to accounting.
– Benefits: Enables visitors and marketers to efficiently start their business day, placing orders from customers with convenience.
2. Fast and Convenient Order Placement:
– Description: The capillary distribution application facilitates quick and convenient order placement, offering numerous facilities for various distribution companies (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.).
– Benefits: Enhances the order placement process with tailored features suitable for diverse distribution sectors.
3. Diverse Price Types:
– Description: Allows the consideration of different pricing policies based on various payment methods (e.g., cash, check) and customer preferences (installments, cash).
– Benefits: Provides flexibility for administrators and visitors to set distinct prices for products or customers, accommodating diverse payment scenarios.
4. Line and Tiered Discounts:
– Description: Offers a range of discount options, including line discounts from accounting, definition of stepped discounts for goods, and percentage or monetary discounts.
– Benefits: Equips sales managers with the flexibility to apply varied discount strategies according to company policies and specific needs.


1. Efficient Sales Operations:
– Benefit: Enhances the efficiency of sales operations with streamlined order processes and tailored features.
2. Adaptive Pricing Strategies:
– Benefit: Enables businesses to adapt pricing strategies based on different payment methods and customer preferences, optimizing the customer experience.
3. Flexible Discount Management:
– Benefit: Empowers sales managers with diverse discount options, allowing them to implement effective and strategic discounting practices.
In summary, Fan Web’s Presentation Software offers a robust solution for order management, efficient pricing strategies, and flexible discount management, catering to the specific needs of capillary distribution companies across various sectors.

Enhanced Features in Fan Web's Presentation Software:

1. Printing Orders at Customer’s Place:
– Description: Offers a solution for hot sales companies by enabling the printing of invoices for customers at the time of order placement.
– Innovation: Introduces a new approach where invoices can be instantly sent to customers through social networks like WhatsApp, eliminating the need for a physical printer and paper. This results in cost savings for the organization.
2. Access to Customer Information:
– Importance: Vital for visitors and sales managers.
– Details: Provides access to crucial customer information, including store address, contact details, previous orders, return invoices, and more.
3. Customer Account Details and Balances:
– Information: Offers customer account details, including account balances and checks, to both managers and visitors.
– Functionality: Enables visitors to define new customers and register orders for the broadcasting company.


1. Cost Savings with Digital Invoices:
– Benefit: Eliminates the need for physical printing by sending invoices through social networks, resulting in cost savings on organization expenses.
2. Comprehensive Customer Insights:
– Benefit: Enhances customer engagement by providing comprehensive information to visitors and sales managers, fostering a personalized approach to sales.
3. Efficient Order and Customer Management:
– Benefit: Streamlines the order process and customer management by offering access to account details, balances, and the ability to define and register new customers.
In summary, Fan Web’s Presentation Software introduces innovative features to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and promote cost-effective practices in the realm of capillary distribution and sales.

Presentation Software Reports Dashboard: Streamlining Sales Management

Capillary distribution sales managers require an effective system for sales management and analysis to stay informed about sales performance, track the number of invoices ordered by representatives, and monitor overall employee sales efforts.
Webcom management system incorporates diverse sales reports presented in graphical formats, providing insights into representative sales, received orders, presentation tours, financial receipts, and more.
Key Services of Presentation Software:
1. More Targeted Sales:
– Description: Enhances sales strategies by providing targeted insights through detailed reports.
– Benefits: Enables sales managers to optimize their approaches for more effective and focused sales efforts.
2. Time Management and Instant Review:
– Description: Facilitates time management for sales representatives with instant review capabilities.
– Benefits: Empowers sales teams to make informed decisions promptly, enhancing overall efficiency.
3. Detailed Planning Based on Reports:
– Description: Offers detailed planning options based on comprehensive sales reports and analyses.
– Benefits: Enables sales managers to plan strategically, utilizing insights from reports for more effective sales campaigns.


1. Informed Decision-Making:
– Benefit: Provides sales managers with data-driven insights, facilitating informed decision-making in real-time.
2. Enhanced Efficiency:
– Benefit: Boosts overall efficiency by allowing sales teams to manage their time effectively and review performance instantly.
3. Optimized Sales Strategies:
– Benefit: Facilitates detailed planning based on reports, optimizing sales strategies for improved outcomes.
In summary, Presentation Software Reports Dashboard by Webcom delivers a robust solution for capillary distribution sales managers, offering targeted insights, efficient time management, and detailed planning capabilities for enhanced sales performance.