Fanweb Customer Presentation Application: Efficient Ordering Solution

The Fanweb Customer Presentation Application, developed by Webcom, stands out as an efficient and unique product in the market. Its distinctive feature lies in its direct integration with the store’s financial system and accounting software, setting it apart from other existing products.
Key Features:
1. Direct Financial System Connection:
  •  Establishes a seamless connection with the store’s financial system, ensuring real-time data access.
  • 2. Integration with Accounting Software:
  •  Directly integrates with accounting software, streamlining financial processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • 3. Android Compatibility:
  •  Designed for Android devices, offering convenience and flexibility for users.
  • 4. Comprehensive Product Information:
  •  Provides essential product details online, including product title, pricing, discounts, and inventory status.
  • 5. Efficient Customer Order Management:
  •  Enables direct customers of the store to place orders efficiently through the Android application.


  •  Real-time Information Access: Users benefit from up-to-date product information directly from the financial system.
  •  Streamlined Financial Processes: Integration with accounting software enhances overall financial management.
  •  User-Friendly Android Interface: The Android platform ensures accessibility and ease of use for customers.
In summary, the Fanweb Customer Presentation Application is a robust ordering solution that optimizes customer interactions, streamlines financial processes, and provides a user-friendly experience on the Android platform.

Why Choose Fanweb Customer Presentation Application?

1. Enhanced Sales Process:
  •  The software streamlines the sales process, catering to a larger customer base with its user-friendly interface, making it a valuable tool for sellers.
2. Compatibility with Financial Systems:
  •  With the ability to connect to various financial systems based on SQL databases, it becomes an ideal solution for sellers unfamiliar with online sales tools. This ensures seamless order integration into the accounting system.
3. Alternative to Traditional Sales:
  •  Offers a suitable alternative to traditional sales methods, providing sellers with a modern and efficient way to manage orders and transactions.
4. Affordable Pricing:
  •  The application is priced competitively, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking for efficient order management solutions.
5. Online Payment Option:
  •  Provides the convenience of online payment, catering to the growing trend of digital transactions and enhancing the overall customer experience.
6. User-Friendly Interface:
  •  The application boasts an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that users, even those less familiar with online sales tools, can navigate and utilize its features effectively.
7. Timely Delivery:
  •  Ensures timely delivery, contributing to customer satisfaction and maintaining the efficiency of the sales process.
In summary, the Fanweb Customer Presentation Application stands out as a comprehensive and affordable solution, offering benefits such as seamless integration with financial systems, online payment capabilities, user-friendly design, and reliable delivery timelines.

Features of Customer Presentation Application:

1. Efficient Product Integration:
  • Description: Seamlessly sends products from the accounting system to the customer’s ordering software with a simple button press.
  •  Benefits: Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually define products, ensuring real-time updates for prices and inventory.
2. Management Panel for Customization:
  •  Description: Empowers managers with a management panel to customize the visibility of goods, allowing for personalized control over product types and visibility settings.
  •  Benefits: Enhances flexibility and control over the displayed product information based on managerial preferences.
3. Dedicated Application Creation:
  •  Description: Allows users to personalize the customer ordering software with the collection or company’s logo, name, contact information, and relevant details.
  •  Benefits: Enables the creation of a dedicated application with a preferred color scheme and tailored information, reinforcing brand identity.
4. Streamlined Brand Communication:
  •  Description: Offers sections for company information, contact details, and about us, facilitating streamlined communication with customers.
  •  Benefits: Provides a platform to convey essential brand information, fostering a transparent and informative customer experience.
5. Customizable Appearance:
  •  Description: Permits users to choose the appearance of the application, including color schemes and other visual elements.
  •  Benefits: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the application, aligning it with the company’s branding and visual identity.
In essence, the Customer Presentation Application provides a range of features that streamline product integration, enhance managerial control, and allow for a personalized and dedicated application tailored to the company’s branding requirements.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Customer Presentation Application:

1. Account Balance Visibility:
  •  Customer Concern Addressed: Customers can view their latest account balance, providing transparency and aiding in better order planning.
2. Flexible Price Types:
  •  Customization for Customers: Differentiate prices based on customer preferences by offering various price types. Tailor these options in the management panel to match each customer’s preferred payment method.
3. Dynamic Pricing for Diverse Payments:
  •  Broadcast Companies Example: Adapt pricing based on sales volume, customer profiles, and payment types. Tailor prices for each customer according to the payment type, accommodating cash purchases, installments, checks, etc.
4. Order Status Visibility:
  •  Customer Informed: The application includes a dedicated section for customers to view the status of their registered orders and invoices. Updates include checks, registrations, rejections, and dispatches, providing customers with real-time information on the progress of their orders.
By incorporating these features into the Customer Presentation Application, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, improve transparency, and provide a more personalized and informative shopping experience.

Types of Promotions and Discounts Management:

1. Product Line Discounts:
  •  Description: Display discounts applied to entire product lines directly from the accounting system.
  •  Benefits: Streamlines the process by incorporating existing product line discounts and ensures consistency with accounting records.
2. Promotional Offers:
  •  Description: Define and launch promotions for specific goods or customer segments.
  •  Benefits: Allows managers to implement strategic sales policies and targeted promotions for optimal collection performance.
3. Tiered Discounts:
  •  Description: Implement tiered discounts based on various criteria, providing flexibility in designing discount structures.
  •  Benefits: Offers the ability to customize discount levels for different scenarios, optimizing the sales strategy.

Various Payment Methods:

1. Payment After Delivery:
  •  Description: Customers can choose to pay after the products are delivered.
  •  Benefits: Provides flexibility for customers and encourages trust, allowing them to inspec the products before making the payment.
2. Online Payment:
  •  Description: Utilizes a bank portal for online payments, directing payments to the company account.
  •  Benefits: Offers a convenient and secure online payment option, streamlining the transaction process for both customers and the company.
By effectively managing promotions, discounts, and payment methods, the Customer Order Software ensures a dynamic and customizable approach to sales, providing a tailored experience for both managers and customers.

Advantages of Customer Presentation Application:

1. 24-Hour Customer Access:
  •  Benefit: Enables customers to access the store at any time, facilitating flexible and convenient shopping.
2. Access to Order Records:
  •  Benefit: Empowers customers to review and track their order history for enhanced transparency and record-keeping.
3. Advanced Search Functionality:
  •  Benefit: Offers an advanced search feature for efficient navigation and quick location of specific goods and products.
4. Access to Latest Product Prices:
  •  Benefit: Provides real-time information on the latest product prices, ensuring customers are informed about pricing changes.
5. View Order Status:
  •  Benefit: Allows customers to check the status of their orders, whether confirmed or rejected, providing transparency in the order process.
6. Messaging System for Communication:
  •  Benefit: Incorporates a messaging system for direct communication, enabling customers to receive notifications and engage in two-way communication with the store.
7. Direct Communication, Elimination of Commission:
  •  Benefit: Facilitates direct communication between the customer and the store, eliminating the need for intermediaries and associated commissions.
8. Information on Latest Products and Changes:
  •  Benefit: Keeps customers informed about the latest products and any changes within the store, fostering an updated and engaging shopping experience.
The Customer Presentation Application enhances customer engagement, communication, and convenience, providing a range of features that contribute to a positive and streamlined shopping experience.

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There are the following solutions for publishing your order plan to customers:

  • Publishing on the company’s website and social networks
  • Release on the Android Market app
  • Send direct link via SMS
  • And …