Fan Web Organization, established in 2015 as a collaborative initiative between Behin Start and Webcom Companies, stands as a beacon of innovation, propelled by numerous breakthroughs across diverse sectors.
This endeavor, championed and nurtured by the National Elite Foundation, has evolved into a dynamic force, distinguishing itself through the development and commercialization of pioneering ideas. Our collection spearheads professional initiatives in the realms of industrial, administrative, and commercial systems’ monitoring and control. Boasting over 40 dedicated team members and a global network of more than 180 representatives and sales agents, Fan Web Organization operates across four software development departments, two software support departments, and an administrative hub encompassing sales, human resources, and management functions. In its current capacity, Fan Web Organization excels in delivering industrial monitoring solutions, web and Windows applications, website design and development, game design, and 360-degree videos.
The organization’s expertise extends to animated graphics, AR and VR technologies, simulators, as well as software and website development in the field of artificial intelligence.
Harnessing the energy and proficiency of young and talented professionals, our group has consistently provided exceptional services for over 18 years, catering to customers seeking cutting-edge technology solutions. We take pride in leveraging every available tool and capability to ensure our customers receive high-quality products and services.
Presently, Fan Web Group has expanded its footprint by establishing a dedicated department in the field of transportation at international basis. This strategic move aligns with the ongoing development of a foreign subsidiary. The overarching objective of Fan Web Organization is to elevate the technological prowess of its customers and enhance the performance of their collections. With a track record of successfully completing numerous projects, Fan Web Organization is well-prepared to offer a diverse range of products and services while actively pursuing new ventures.
Explore our website menus to discover more about our various fields of activity, achievements, and products. For further information and potential collaborations, the managers of our specialized units are eager to engage in consultation meetings, working collaboratively to advance shared goals.