Virtual Product Presentation with Behin Start AR Software

Elevate your product showcase with Behin Start’s AR software, offering a personalized experience for both Android and Windows versions.
Key Features:
1. Personalization Options:
– Flexibility: Customize the app to showcase your products in augmented reality, tailoring the experience to your brand.
– Benefits: Enables unique and branded presentations for industries, companies, and commercial offices.
2. Diverse Format Support:
– Compatibility: Supports 3D models in obj, fbx, gltf, and glb formats, ensuring versatility in model usage.
– Benefits: Allows the incorporation of various 3D models, enhancing the range of products that can be showcased.
3. 360-Degree Viewing:
– Functionality: Facilitates zooming and rotating 3D models 360 degrees in the AR space.
– Benefits: Offers a comprehensive view of models and products from all angles, enhancing the user’s exploration.
4. Category-Based Customization:
– Capability: Add desired models to the program and organize them based on categories.
– Benefits: Enables efficient organization and categorization of products, enhancing user navigation and accessibility.
5. Industry-Specific Exclusivity:
– Focus: Tailored for industries, companies, and commercial offices exclusively.
– Benefits: Addresses specific needs of these sectors, providing a specialized virtual presentation solution
6. No VR Glasses Required:
– Accessibility: Allows users to experience augmented reality without the need for VR glasses.
– Benefits: Enhances accessibility, ensuring a wider audience can engage with the virtual product presentations.
For Tailored Industry Presentations:
Behin Start’s AR software goes beyond standard presentations, offering a customizable and industry-exclusive solution for virtual product showcases. For details on customization options and integration support, connect with the Behin Start development team.
Transform your product presentations with a personalized touch, creating immersive experiences for your audience!