3D Model Presentation for Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

Unlock the potential of your products or achievements with the Fanweb collection’s innovative 3D AR model presentation feature, compatible with both Android and Windows versions.
Key Features:
1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
– Versatility: Accessible on Android and Windows versions, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.
– Benefits: Provides flexibility for users to engage with 3D models on their preferred platforms.
2. Diverse Format Support:
– Compatibility: Supports 3D models in obj, fbx, gltf, and glb formats for industrial, commercial, and metaverse applications.
– Benefits: Offers versatility in model usage, catering to various industries and use cases.
3. 360-Degree Viewing:
– Functionality: Enables users to zoom and rotate 3D models 360 degrees in AR space.
– Benefits: Allows thorough examination of models and products from every angle, enhancing user interaction.
4. AR and VR Integration:
– Capability: Seamlessly integrates 3D models into AR and VR spaces, compatible with advanced or standard glasses.
– Benefits: Expands the immersive experience, catering to users with diverse augmented or virtual reality setups.
For Industrial, Commercial, and Metaverse Applications:
Fanweb’s 3D AR model presentation goes beyond conventional displays, offering an interactive and dynamic showcase of your products. Whether in industrial, commercial, or metaverse spaces, users can explore and engage with 3D models on various platforms. For more details or integration assistance, connect with the Fanweb development team.
Step into the future of product presentation with 3D AR models—see, explore, and experience like never before!