BMS program

The software under Windows is an intelligent monitoring and management system (bms) with the ability to define multiple devices, designed and prepared by the fan web team.


It is possible to set the specifications, delete, edit, view the register and change the register for the devices.

Also, the advanced reporting system is available with different tools.

In the reporting section, you can limit the number based on the desired sub-device and register; You can also view a report in a specific time frame.

In the monitoring management section, you can view the performance of the device in a graphical format and in an integrated way.

In this section, the general specifications and settings of the device can be seen, and also the registers of the device are separated according to whether they are digital or analog.


The software environment and its user interface are designed so that you can easily use all its tools without the need for professional technical knowledge and familiarity with the principles and methods.

Also, the technical and user catalog of the software is available, and by preparing this software, you will also benefit from its training course.