Exhibition of production foundation knowledge in Qazvin province

نمایشگاه دانش بنیان سازی تولید

The presence of Behin Start Group in the production foundation knowledge exhibition at the permanent location of the international exhibition of Qazvin province in November 1401

In this exhibition, Behin Start Collection presented its software products in the fields of AR and VR, as well as electronic control boards such as gprs modules for remote control and native PLC samples.

AR products such as applications and services that can be implemented on the website are based on 3D models or other advertising tools; This product has been done from design to implementation in Behin Start collection by programming and modeling units.

The products in the field of VR are simulators and simulators of virtual reality space for industries and commercial offices. Another feature of this product is the ability to remotely control security and closed circuit systems, motor home, ventilation and facilities.