Performance of the management team

Fan Web is a dynamic software company with an expert management team that operates in the field of information technology. The members of the management team of this company with extensive experience and expertise in various fields improve the quality and services provided by Webcom.


The CEO and founder of Fanweb, Mr. Engineer Javad Asghari Golbaghi, with more than two decades of experience in the information technology industry, has taken over the strategic management of the company and plays a key role in its sustainable growth. He is recognized as an industry leader by promoting effective collaboration with customers and business partners.

The management team with superior technical capabilities is engaged in designing and developing innovative software compatible with the latest technologies. According to the needs of customers, they prioritize the production of products with superior quality and performance and provide periodic updates.

The marketing management team implements smart marketing strategies and promotes the Webcom brand as a reliable and trusted name in the market.
It also focuses on customer satisfaction, providing superior after-sales service and solving problems quickly.

Relying on an experienced and capable management team, Fanweb, as an innovative and leading company in the field of information technology, is committed to providing solutions that improve the needs of customers.